Pecel, Madiun Traditional Food

Traditional Fool - Madiun

Traditional Fool - Madiun


Pecel flavor is one of the sauce as a food supplement.
Present usually with vegetables.
this food has become a traditional food culture jawa.sudah a typical food for the people East Java.

The classic Javanese spicy peanut sauce.

Make it up in large batches because it will stay fresh in or out of the refrigerator for weeks. Then mix a few tablespoons with warm water whenever you want some gado-gado or nasi pecel.

1½ cup raw peanuts
10 small red chilis
2 large red chilis
2 tsp asem tua [mature tamarind]
6 lime leaves
2 cloves garlic
2 thumb-sized pieces of kencur
2 tsp salt
about ¼ cup gula jawa [palm sugar]

1. Fry peanuts in oil for about 3 minutes
2. Crush peanuts to a fine powery paste in a lemper
3. Remove peanut mixture to a separate container
4. Crush remaining ingredients in a lemper
5. Add peanuts and mix well.

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