Green Bay (Teluk Ijo), the Hidden Paradise in Banyuwangi – East Java

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Banyuwangi is one of the city in East Java. It has many potential tourism objects that you want to get there. One of the tourism object as the pride of East Java is Teluk Ijo (Green Bay). The beach is still hidden and quiet in this charming white sand. Green bay increasingly exotic when the waves slammed.

To get to Green Bay, or commonly called the Teluk Ijo by local residents, the traveler must going to Pesanggaran village first. Only later, go to the Sarongan village with enough broken road conditions. Location of Green Bay or Teluk Hijau is in Banyuwangi, southern Pesanggaran, Sarongan village. This is hidden paradise in East java. Or you can take the directions towards Pesanggaran-Sukamade-Sarongan which is still a line with a route to Merubetiri National Park sukamade coast.

The beauty of the white sand beaches decorated with enchanting sound of waves. Tanks on the east and west side there are metamorphic rocks. Have the clear ocean waters and greenish colored and beautiful atmosphere make anyone who saw it felt admiration. On the eastern side there is a waterfall with freshwater.

Green Bay is behind the cliff after Batu Beach. If met with the full expanse of beach stones, you are in Batu Beach. Even so, this means that the location of Green Bay is getting closer. Little feet step forward again and you will arrive in Green Bay. Quiet, clean, and beautiful!

After arriving in Sarongan, do not rush love. This is because you still have tracking into the woods about 1-2 hours, before reaching Green Bay.

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Gili Ketapang Island, the Pride of Probolinggo – East Java

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Gili Ketapang Island is an island in North Sea Probolinggo (Pantura) of Java. As the pride of Probolinggo, this island has white sandy beach which is unpolluted and bluish. There are many kinds of colorful corals. The location is still in Probolinggo’s autorithy, virgin and has a beautiful scenery. Visitors can swim and dive to the deep sea.

Situated about 5 miles from Tanjung Tembaga, the port which has been by Probolinggo region. It takes approximately in 30 minutes by boat. This is not the large island because it just has about 68 ha in wide area, with population is about 10.000 people, where the most of them are maduranist and almost 90% consist of fisherman.

In Gili Ketapang island, you will find “Goa Kucing” (cat cave). According to the historical, this is the way of Syech Ishaq (the Islamic spiritualist who ever stay in this island). He spread the Islam religion from Gresik to Blambangan (Banyuwangi). At that time there are thousands of cats and also the cats that their heads are written by Arabic words. When he leave this island, the cats are gone everywhere. On “Legi Friday (The belief of ancient Java’s day)”, the sound of those cats is heard from the dark cave and it will lose when we are trying to run after it. Up to now, many people expect to get the goodness from “Goa Kucing”, expecially on “Legi Friday” night. This is the mysterious and belief of many people who live in Gili Ketapang island and around.

The other unique, the people believe that this island has a mysterious power who can move to middle of the sea. Because this is a coral island, it can be happened slowly. According to the people society, first, this island is being one location with Ketapang village, a village in Probolinggo land. This location is shore of Probolinggo sea, not real land but the coral stone. When Semeru Volcano exploded and the earthquake was happened, Ketapang village land was separated to middle of the sea about 5 miles from Probolinggo. Because of that, people call this island with “Gili Ketapang”. It’s comes from Madura language which means “flow” and “Ketapang” is the name of the village.

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Irenggolo Watefall in Besuki Area, Kediri

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Irenggolo Waterfall is located about 20 kilometers, 30 minutes from Kediri City. The fabulous mountainous scenery of Besuki-irenggolo has is ready to see. Besides, here the tourists can find some interesting things, such as; shady natural pine forest, playground, camping ground, hiking and jogging area, and more. Located in the hamlet Besuki, Jugo Village, District Mojo, Kediri regency, East Java.

Arrive at Besuki, while unwind, we could enjoy the panorama on the village of Jugo, Mojo, around the relay television transmitter towers and cell phones. There we can find Irenggolo Waterfall, after five minutes through the path, this natural waterfall can be seen. Hidden in the natural pine forest, mountain wind gusts, and the unique natural sound.

After about 10 minutes up the road sooner or later we will hear a gurgling waterfall. Location of the waterfall tourist area is approximately 1,800 meters above sea level. Being the height of the waterfall itself is estimated to reach 125 meters. So close to this waterfall, feel the grains of a waterfall that some flying with the wind. The rumble of the water like a complete sensation Irenggolo Waterfall.

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Dolo Waterfall on Besuki Area, Kediri

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Dolo waterfall reside is in 1200 m height above sea level. It is about 20 km, 30 minutes from Kediri City. This waterfall is across to Irenggolo waterfall, exactly on Besuki. This is one of Kediri tourism objects that have interesting scenery. The air is fresh and it can be enjoyed with family, because the water also very clear and clean. The visitors can bring some foods to enjoy the scenery below with the family. Try to visit Dolo waterfall and find the peaceful situation.

This tourism area is equipped with some tourism facilities, such as; playground, camping ground, area for jogging, cross-country, hiking, etc. This natural scenery is mountainous, so that it will give you fresh and cold air. Enjoy and feel its natural scenery in here, hence you will get something unforgettable.

To get Dolo Waterfall itself is pretty time consuming, about an hour from the town of Kediri city. But the trip will not be felt with a view on the right and the left that feels cool because the area often rains. Chance also approached the mountain so the journey covered a fairly thick fog. After had to stop in the village of Besuki and continue the journey by foot because the road heading towards Dolo Waterfall hike and not be impassable to vehicles. The streets in the form of stairs made of rocks circling the area.

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Bukit Jamur, A Unique Tourism in Gresik – East Java

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Gresik – Bukit Jamur

Bukit Jamur (Hill Mushroom) is tourism destination in Gresik, East Java. This unique tourism of Bukit Jamur Gresik is worthy for exploration. Located on limestone hill of Bungah village, at least suited for photography lover activities, or anyone who wants explore different sensation their travelling. To reach this location, from Gresik city pass Pantura road after pass Sembayat Solo river bridge till three-junction of Bungah village, then turn left following the directions to Dukun village for about one kilometer on the right side of the road there is an area of limestone hills of Bungah. After going straight until the t-junction of the street then left to look towards the Hill Mushroom. This eruption process on the stones remains of minerals changed similar to mushrooms, because at the bottom is more fragile than to the top position.

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Found the Beautiful Beach: Jumiang Beach in Pamekasan – Madura

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Madura has many potential marine tourist destinations. This is the beach with the beautiful panoramic, Jumiang beach. The beach is located in the village of Tanjung, Pademawu district, Pamekasan Regency, Madura Province, is about 12 Km Southeast of the central Pamekasan.


Jumiang Beach provide good road access, can be reached by public transport or private car. Jumiang beach is different with some other’s beaches, as it is located in the hill plains and craggy.

Despite the massive development untouched, but the Jumiang Beach is one of the tourist beaches in Pamekasan serves a variety of natural beauty scenery. Enjoy the sunrise from the beach, giving the perfect sensation of its own to visitors.

In addition, a cluster of coral cliffs serves up its own panoramic. With typical landscape, waves dashing against the cliff add to the beauty of the scenery. The coral on the sidelines, as if creating a beautiful aquatic sensation, it offers the clean sandy beach and calm sea water.

Later, this tourism potential have to be built and managed properly in order to increase income of Regional Original Revenue(PAD). Now, Jumiang is still managed by the local people in Pamekasan. Like on the weekend or holiday, the local people apply a ticket price of IDR 3,000 for once in per-person.

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Simpang Lima Gumul Kediri, East Java

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If you ever hear the name of L’arch D ‘ Triomphe, that is the popular monument on France. But you don’t need go to abroad, because there is a similar monument in Kediri, it is Simpang Lima Gumul Monument.


The Monument is resembles of L’arch D ‘ Triomphe in France that stands majestically in the midst of an Simpang Lima Gumul – Kediri is pride of Kediri city, East Java, development into the new city of Gumul in Kediri Regency. The differences, this monument has the spirit of the founding of Kediri District this monument so it is like five intersection Gumul in position right in the middle line of five streets North Pare, Kediri, Plosoklaten, Pesantren, and Pamenang.


The monument has a building area of 804 square metres, there are 3 ladder 3 metres of the base of the temple, and 25 meters high so that if we are on the roof of the monument we can see the whole panorama of Kediri and transformations project this trade development the overall area of 37 Ha. Monument hand carved reliefs of Kediri has history of Arts and culture to Kediri that exist now. Large numbers and high monument also reflect the date, month and year anniversary Regency Kediri, March 25, 804 CE.


Kediri monument located at Simpang Lima Gumul is an icon of Kediri Regency. Just a ± 6 km (± 10 minutes) from the city of Kediri or ± 120 km (CA. 2.5 hours) from Juanda international airport in Surabaya. This area is projected to become the new town and the Central Business District of East Java have started to equip themselves with the convention hall and Multipurpose Building, Bank, Bus terminal area between the town and the MPU, and magnificent Water Park recreations Gumul Paradise Island.

This area is always full of visitors in the evening by relaxing in the monument area or enjoying a traditional cuisine that is selling in street vendors who lined the Tugu market area. On the weekend morning and holiday, this area is crowded by visitors to jogging track, gathering with family, and also enjoy the hectic market Saturday week. The government of Kediri will design for future, this area will include hotels, malls, shops, wholesale Center, Tourism Information Centre and the World Trade Centre.

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An Amazing Buyutan Beach, Pacitan – East Java

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Buyutan Beach is one of the series beaches that on the capital of Pacitan. Located in Widoro Village, Subdistrict of Donorojo, Pacitan city. An amazing Buyutan Beach, with the white sand that spread out the area, the clear blue sea water, it will be unforgettable scene of Buyutan. In the afternoon, it is a good place to see the moment sunset. Even, in the early morning you also can wait the moment sunrise there.

The shore also has a vast sand spread out, it can be use as camping ground. There are also a small water spring, it can be used for camping water supply, or else, wash your body after play sand and sea water. If you have plan to camp there, you need to be careful of monkey, because the reef behind the beach area is a monkey’s habitat. Actually, the monkeys there are afraid of human, but you still need to be careful especially for your goods. 

This beach is relatively near Klayar beach. Start from this location, you can walk down to the beach, the way down is very difficult for your vehicle, it is down and winding sheer, that is why you need to walk. The route to this beach can be reach for about an hour from centrally Pacitan city. To reach this beautiful beach, you can ride by public transportation or your private vehicle to the cave area “goa Gong”. Then from Gong cave you can go straight on Kalak village. Till Kalak market, then you go along to reach Buyutan beach.

The beautiful panoramic will be presented a view of rice field acreage tracts runs with small houses/huts in the middle of the rice field acreage. Besides the charm of white sand, in the beach area you will find the uniqueness that rocks of various shapes and large corals are small so add an elegant impression on this beach. The natural charm of this beach is very noticeable when you come or visiting in the afternoon. Moments like this is going to seem a remarkable natural landscape beauty.

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The Beautiful Bandealit Beach in Jember, East Java

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Bandealit is one of interest tourism destination in Meru Betiri National Park. It has a pristine beach and many potentials tour object. In Bandealit, there is deer sanctuary, orchid green-house which offers orchid in Meru Betiri National Park which can’t be found somewhere else.

This beach is located in the south of the town Jember, exactly 35 miles from downtown. The beach is adjacent to the beach Sukamade (Captive Turtle Beach Place) is known to calm the waves that blends with the beauty of the flora. Bandealit beach is perfect for visitors who want to enjoy the marine sports.

In Bandealit, the visitors can enjoy bodysurfing here, and the board is available in this beach. This activity is secure for beginner, as the wave is regular and not so big. There are many fishermen boats in Bandealit, that visitors can enjoy grilled fresh fish.

On the east of Bandealit beach there is a vast estuary resembles to a lake. This estuary is overgrown with Sonneratia caseolaris mangrove. Then in this estuary located a guest house. The guest house is equipped by fresh water from mountain.

Activities can be undertaken on the east estuary are birdwatching, canoing and exploring river using speedboat. On dry season, the estuary is suitable for canoeing while in rainy season the estuary is dry. For, photography enthusiasts, the atmosphere of panoramic beauty of the beaches and forests are great for photographers. The current challenge for photographers is aiming for animals living in Bande Alit, including banteng (Bos javanicus).

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The Unknown Paradise: Banyu Tibo Beach Pacitan – East Java

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Pacitan is one of the regency that has many beautiful tourism. It is a regency located in the southwestern East Java Province, with Central Java Province on its west border. Pacitan is also called a city with 1001 caves. Because you can find thousands of caves in Pacitan. Not only has some exotica caves, also has beautiful beach tourism object like other beaches in Indonesia. Banyu Tibo beach is one of beautiful beach in South Ocean.

Banyu Tibo is a Javanese phrase for falling water. It has a small waterfall falling down from a river at the top of the cliff. This name clearly describes situation of the beach where one of beach corner, on a big rock, flows waterfall which falls directly to the beach. On the left and right of the beach, there are big rocks which are towering and sturdy, adding the exotic of Banyu Tibo beach.

There is a waterfall at the edge of the beach, not only you can play water as you like, you can also play under the waterfall. You can enjoy this moment with your friends or families. Interestingly, even though the waterfall is located near the beach, the water is not salty, because it is fresh water from the rivers and mountains in the area of Pacitan. Besides playing water, if you like fishing, you can catch fish there. Usually every evening, Banyu Tibo beach is full of local people who want to catch fish. Because the cliff is on the top of beach, you can try the rock fishing technique to enjoy your fishing.

After you are satisfied visiting Banyu Tibo beach, it’s not wrong, if you stop at Nampu beach, which is located not far from Banyu Tibo beach. This beach also gives other beauty of the Pacitan land. You can drop in this beach because is take same line Banyu Tibo beach.

The beach is still located not far from Buyutan, still in Widoro village. Situated at Widoro village, Donorejo sub-district, Pacitan, East Java. It is located around 110 kilometers from Solo city. The distance to the beach is closer if you begin your trip from Solo, Central Java, than from Surabaya, East Java. To reach this beach, you can use public transportation or private vehicle. If you take public transportation from Solo, you have to take a bus to Pracimantoro, then taking local transportation until Widoro village, then you have to walk around 4 kilometer to Banyu Tibo beach. If you are use private vehicle, you take the same line, but if you go by motorcycle, you can drive until the beach. If you drive a private car, you can park at the last village, around 2 kilometer from the beach. There is a small road to get to the beach, which only fits one car, but it is advisable to park the car at a villager’s house close to the main road and take a walk to the beach. The view while walking down the hill to the small cove is already a spectacle.

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