Ranu Klakah

There are three lakes around Klakah Subdistrict in Lumajang promoting different landscape on each. The sunrise sensation upon Mount Lemongan in 1668 meters above sea level has become a highlight here. Mount Lemongan is a maar volcano where its diameter lays between 150 to 700 meters. Some maar volcanos have lakes around them, for instance Ranu Klakah, Ranu Bedali and Ranu Pakis.

How  To Get There:

Located in Klakah Subdistrict, 20-25 km to the northern of Lumajang City with 40 minutes drive.

By Bus

  • Surabaya/Malang Station – Wonorejo Station – Klakah Station – Ranu Klakah
  • Jember/Banyuwangi Station – Wonorejo Station – Klakah Station – Ranu Klakah


Entrance fee

  • Car 10,000 IDR
  • Motorbike 5,000 IDR

More: http://www.eastjava.com/tourism/lumajang/

Header source: http://pariwisatalumajang.blogspot.co.id/

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Interesting Tengger Tribe’s Culture in Java

Another charm of Bromo Tengger Semeru Mountain is the presence of local culture belonging to Tengger Tribe of Indonesia. This tribe has been living around Bromo for hundreds of years and considers the mountain as a sacred landscape. Those people live in a traditional way and have retained their culture for decades. As for tourists, visiting the community would provide them with a new experience and unique entertainment when visiting the mountain. Not to mention they have an opportunity to learn approach and learn about them during the vacation.

About Tengger Tribe
When it is about Tengger Tribe, tourists can learn first about the origin of the name. Many references are available regarding this issue, actually. First, the name has the meaning of a stand-up. It represents the character of the locals which is sturdy or resilient. The second meaning is related to mountains. It represents the place where those people live. Another meaning of the name of the tribe is the combination of two legendary people called Rara Anteng and Jaka Seger.

About Tengger Tribe’s Culture
The best thing tourists can learn about regarding Tengger Tribe is the culture. Here is the most recognizable one. These people conduct an annual ceremony called Yadnya Kasodo. Usually, they conduct the ceremony in a temple located on the top of Bromo Mountain. This tradition has been passed down for generations because they honor the mountain so much. In fact, they consider it as a holy place. These people will hike it during the full moon and carry some offerings which later they would give to Sang Hyang Widhi (the deity). The best thing is that tourists are allowed to either watch or join the ceremony.

As for tourists, the presence of Tengger Tribe becomes a significant reason to visit Bromo Mountain apart from the lush of nature. No wonder, they won’t miss the opportunity to visit nearby villagers and spend some time with the tribe. Have no worries. Those people are quite welcoming, so tourists would feel comfortable regardless of the difference of language and culture. As for the tip, it is better to hire a local who acts as both an interpreter and guide.

The next important thing about Tengger Tribe’s Culture is related to their daily activities. Those people are known for their high tolerance and hardworking, actually. They are aware of their responsibilities, especially farming. Next, it is about their adaptive characteristic. Just because they always retain their local traditions intact, doesn’t mean they are ignorant regarding the development of modern society. For instance, they are open to differences, especially when some foreigners or tourists come to their village.

Nearby Attractions

  • Ranu Regulo Lake
  • Sedaer River
  • B29 Peak

How to Get There
As mentioned before, Tengger Tribe lives in the highland or nearby sites around Bromo Mountain Indonesia. How can tourists meet them, actually? For those coming from Lumajang City, the destination is Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Indonesia. The distance is 83 km, so the trip would take about 3 hours. The simplest thing to do is to hire a tour agency as they are able to arrange the trip in a professional manner.


For more details: http://bromo.indonesia-tourism.com/


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The Amazing Watu Godeg Beach – Lumajang

Watu Godeg Beach

Have you ever been to Lumajang? Have you ever enjoyed a wonderful beach atmosphere here. This time we will review about the amazing beach scenery located in Lumajang Regency.

Watu Godeg Beach is an amazing beach located in Lumajang Regency precisely in Tempursari District, offers the beauty of beach surrounded by towering cliffs. Besides you can also find the lush pandan sea trees grow around Watu Godeg Beach, thus making a different scene from every corner. Another uniqueness of this tourism is the presence of towering big rocks lies on the edge of the beach. Indeed not many who know this one, but the panorama offered are amazing.

Visit the beach in the middle of the trip you will be treated to a landscape are very fascinating surrounded by swamps around it. The clear swamp water that is different from the marsh generally adds to its own distinct exoticism.

To Get There

For those of you who will visit Watu Godeg Beach, there are two alternative ways that can be used, from Malang Regency or pass Lumajang District, if you come from out of town you can use plane and transit in Surabaya, firstly, by continuing the journey from Surabaya to Lumajang Regency by using Bus or taxi, from Lumajang Regency you have to continue the journey back to Pasirian Subdistrict, here you can continue the journey back to Tempursari Sub-district through the south coast. Among the border of Pasirian and Tempursari subdistrict is the location of Watu Godeg Beach tourism.

Second, you can continue the journey from Surabaya to Malang, from Malang you can continue the journey to Dampit District by Mini Bus, from Dampit you still have to continue the journey towards Kali Bening, then you have to go down to move Tempursari District. Not far from Tempursari District Watu Godeg Beach.

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Enjoy the Truly Adventure with Azimuth Adventure Travel

Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd is a foreign-run adventure travel company. Based in Indonesia, it offers all-inclusive adventure vacation packages. As a tour-operator specialized in trekking, volcano and wild adventures, it operates private guided tours (hiking, trekking, mountain & volcano climbing) around Yogyakarta, Bali, East Java and across Indonesia.

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With 15 years’ experience, we are able to take you on the highest and most impressive mountains of Indonesia. We do not operate like a traditional agency: apart from some very special trips, we do not offer fixed departure date. We also do not regroup travelers in a group.

Therefore you are able to form your own group (couples, friends, family, etc) and to travel at the dates of your choice: if you are 3 people, then you will travel only the three of you, and at the date that suits you.

We remain open to all proposals so do not hesitate to send us your travel ideas and special requests.

For further information, please contact:

Azimuth Adventure Travel Ltd

Jl. Pandega Marta VI/4 – Catur Tunggal – Yogyakarta 55281 – Indonesia
Call: +62 (0)274-560.663 | +62 (0)274-7837.666 | Fax: +62 (0)274 560.663
E-mail: contact@azimuth-travel.com

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482 East Java Tourism Events 2018

The East Java Government launched 482 cultural and tourism events that will be held throughout 2018.

“A total of 482 cultural and tourism activities consist of 108 festivals and 374 nonfestival which spread in 38 districts / cities, contained in East Java Tourism Calendar 2018,” said Head of Culture and Tourism East Java Provincial Government Jarianto in a press conference in Surabaya.

He said that of hundreds of cultural activities and tourism in East Java 2018 Tour Calendar, 10 of them curated by a team from the Ministry of Tourism of the Central Government, namely Jember Fashion Carnival, Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival, Yadnya Kasada and Exotica Bromo, Malang Flower Carnival, Kemilau Madura, Pasar Seni Lukis Indonesia, Gandrung Sewu, International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen, Festival of Keraton Nusantara, and Festival Malang Kota Tua.

“A total of 10 activities directly curated by the Ministry of Tourism team are included in the ‘Top 100 Wonderful Event 2018’,” he said.

In addition, he added, in addition to the 10 cultural and tourism activities that nationally have entered the “Top 100 Wonderful Event 2018”, the East Java Province has also summarized hundreds of cultural and tourism activities into the “Top 50 East Java Event”.

“The entry of ’50 Top East Java Event ‘is certainly unique, in addition to national and international scale in terms of participants and audience, has been routinely implemented or has the potential to develop because of its uniqueness, and not a memorial anniversary,” he said, explaining.

Jarianto believes, all 482 cultural activities and tourism in East Java 2018 Tourism Calendar can increase tourist visits, especially from abroad to East Java.

“Throughout the year 2017, we recorded the number of foreign tourist arrivals to East Java amounted to about 58 million people. The visits foreign tourists in 2018 this could be more increased again,” he said.

Source: https://www.wartaekonomi.co.id/read168141/ini-482-agenda-pariwisata-jatim-2018.html

Jawa Timur Punya 482 Event Wisata dan Budaya Sepanjang 2018

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Colorful Village Named Jodipan Tourism Village

In Malang of Indonesia, tourists may find also a unique village called Jodipan. One thing that makes it unique is the colorful houses located beside Brantas River. The other names of the village are Warna-Warni (colorful) and Tridi Village. Due to such charm and uniqueness, tourists feel comfortable and excited when exploring the village. Not to mention they have the chance to meet the friendly villagers and try their local foods.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, Jodipan’s main feature is the formation of colorful houses organized neatly near to the famous Brantas River. In terms of region, the village belongs to Blimbing Sub-District and it has been visited by lots of tourists over time. In fact, it is also recognized by foreigners or those who want to have a new vacation experience. It is a good thing that Jodipan has turned out into a good and clean community. In the past, though, it was only a slum! The locals and some college students of UMM had an idea to lure visitors to that area so they decided to clean the environment and painted their houses with colorful vibrancy.

Exploring Jodipan Tourism Village
Being a tourism village, Jodipan has given a great contribution to Malang City and its surroundings regarding tourism income. Most of the visitors are people who want to take selfies in that area and do other fun things. In fact, several organizations conduct a photography competition sometimes. They are choosing the best shot made by tourists or any people who join the event. For casual visitors, they also love photography but they decide to post their pictures on their social media.

In term of location, Jodipan Tourism Village is considered strategic. Not only it resides beside Brantas River, the village is also located under a bridge. That means tourists can also watch the charm of the village from afar (from the bridge). Despite its young and attractive look, Jodipan is actually one of the oldest villages in Malang City. That means the culture remains unspoiled there, which is good news for tourists as they are able to enjoy them all when getting around the site.

Jodipan Tourism Village also has an important feature which is the Buk Gludhuk Bridge as stated above. The villagers named it Gludhuk due to the noisy sound created by passing vehicles when cutting across the bridge. On top of that, it also becomes tourists’ favorite spot to take pictures with the village as its background. For first timers, it is better to work with a tour agent who usually offers a free walking tour or other tourist packages there.

Nearby Attractions

  • Malabar Park
  • Singosari Temple
  • Tugu Square

How to Get There
The good thing is that Jodipan Tourism Village is located near to Malang City of Indonesia (with the distance of only 4.3 km). That means travelers only need to spend about 20 minutes in order to reach the village. When it comes to the best route, they can use Raya Lawang – Malang Street.

Where to Stay

  • Amaris Hotel
  • Atria Hotel
  • Wilis Indah Hotel
  • Trio Indah Hotel


More info: http://www.eastjava.com/tourism/malang/


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TOP 77 Calender of Event Banyuwangi Indonesia Festival 2018


The Ministry of Tourism along with the Government of Banyuwangi Regency launched “TOP 77 Calendar of Event Banyuwangi Indonesia Festival 2018” at Balairung Soesilo Soedarman, Gedung Sapta Pesona, Jakarta (1/2). Top 77 Calender of Event is an effort of Banyuwangi Regency to presenting attractions to increase tourist visits to Banyuwangi. Top 77 Events mentioned there are three featured events be part of the 100 Calendar of Event Wonderful Indonesia (CoE WI) 2018. Namely Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival (BEC), International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen (ITdBI) and Gandrung Sewu. Specially, Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival itself included on the Top 10 National Events.


Banyuwangi Regent, Abdullah Azwar Anas, explained that 77 attractive tourism events will explore the culture, natural beauty, sports to various potential areas that will certainly be an interesting spectacle for tourists. It also supports the Visit Wonderful Indonesia (VIWI) 2018 in reaching the target of 17 million foreign tourist visits in 2018 and 20 million in 2019. Recorded in 2016, tourists visits to Banyuwangi as many as 77 thousand foreign tourists and 4 million domestic. In 2017, foreign tourist visits increased to 91 thousand foreign tourist with foreign exchange earnings reaching 546 billion rupiahs.


Azwar Anas added that the strength of Banyuwangi Tourism is on the participation of all society so as to create TOP 77 calendar events. Where the 5 events become the leading in foreign tourist visits, namely Internasional Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen, Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival, Festival Gandrung Sewu, Banyuwangi Beach Jazz Festival, and Jazz Ijen.


In addition, from the TOP 77 events there are a number of new activities. Among the Festival Tahu Tempe which will take place on 9th to 13rd February, 2018. Beside there will be a Lunar Festival which will feature a typical Chinese news tradition on 17th March, Dance Festival on 31st March, Fishing Festival on 7th April, Chocolate Festival on 12th May and Kuntulajn Festival on 3rd to 6th October.


Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya appreciate to Banyuwangi who actively package tourism event in order to promote and increase tourist visit to Banyuwangi. Branding Banyuwangi as The City of Carnival and Festival must have quality events throughout the year, and TOP 77 calendar events will encourage tourists to visit Banyuwangi because every day can see the carnival and festival.


Banyuwangi has been designated as one of 10 branding or co-branding destinations of Wonderful Indonesia under the brand “Banyuwangi The City of Carnival and Festival. This is due to the readiness of its 3A elements (attractions, amenitas, and accessibility) especially air connectivity with the operation of Blimbingsari Airport Banyuwangi. Connected a number of national airlines from Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali.


“In terms of attractions, Banyuwangi recorded the fastest growing because it involves the entire potential of the community. If 2012 only has 12 events, 2017 will be increased to 72 events, and this year will be 77 events with a number of featured events included in CoE WI 2018, “explained Arief Yahya.



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Human Interest, Nature & Culture Potrait Of East Java
Daya Tarik wisata Alam,Manusia dan Budaya
Lokasi pengambilan foto dilakukan di 38 Kabupaten / Kota di Provinsi Jawa Timur.

1. Penghoby Fotografi dan Videografi
2. Komunitas Fotografi & Videografi
3. Sekolah Menengah Atas
4. Tour & Travel
5. Vlogger
6. Komunitas Film dan Video Dokumenter

• Setiap peserta diperkenankan mengirimkan karya Minimal 2 atau 3 foto tanpa watermark
• Jika peserta berasal dari Jawa Timur 1 Foto berasal dari daerah asal sesuai KTP dan 1 foto lainnya bertemakan bebas sesuai Point A.
• Untuk peserta yang berasal dari Luar Jawa Timur, 2 foto yang dikirimkan bebas sesuai Point A.
• Foto yang dilombakan dapat dikirim dalam format JPEG dengan sisi terpendek 3000 pixel dengan 300 dpi.
• Edit foto hanya diizinkan untuk memperbaiki warna, kontras dan melakukan sedikit cropping
• Penilaian foto ditentukan berdasarkan destinasi wisata, angle, komposisi, momen dan keaslian.
• Apabila ternyata nantinya dari salah satu karya pemenang ada yang pernah diikut sertakan sebelumnya dalam event komersial atau lomba sejenis dan menjadi pemenang, kemudian terjadi gugatan oleh pihak tertentu dengan menunjukkan bukti otentik. Maka pemenang tersebut dinyatakan gugur dan harus mengembalikan hadiah yang diterima secara utuh kepada panitia. Kemudian pemenang yang bermasalah tadi wajib meminta maaf pada publik lewat media cetak atau elektronik.

• Setiap peserta diperkenankan mengirimkan 1 atau maksimal 2 karya video berdurasi minimal 1 menit dan maksimal 3 menit (seperti Standart Film Dokumenter secara Konvensional) tanpa watermark dengan mencantumkan Judul dan nama peserta.
• Video dapat ditambah ilustrasi dan musik, dimana ilustrasi dan musik tersebut merupakan tanggung jawab peserta. Sudah mendapatkan ijin dan tidak melanggar Hak Cipta. Untuk Credit Point bisa dicantumkan diakhir Video.
• Boleh digabung dengan aerial dan underwater shot. Kualitas video yang dilombakan minimal Full High Definition (Full HD) 1080p.
• Penilaian video ditentukan berdasarkan destinasi wisata, angle, komposisi, momen dan keaslian.
• Apabila ternyata nantinya dari salah satu karya pemenang ada yang pernah diikut sertakan sebelumnya dalam event komersial atau lomba sejenis dan menjadi pemenang, kemudian terjadi gugatan oleh pihak tertentu dengan menunjukkan bukti otentik. Maka pemenang tersebut dinyatakan gugur dan harus mengembalikan hadiah yang diterima secara utuh kepada panitia. Kemudian pemenang yang bermasalah tadi wajib meminta maaf pada publik lewat media cetak atau elektronik.

1. Terbuka untuk warga Negara Indonesia
2. Tidak ada biaya pendaftaran untuk mengikuti lomba.
3. Diperkenan untuk jenis kamera DSLR, Mirrorless, ActionCam / Drone terkecuali Smartphone.
4. Karya Foto dan Video mengenai pariwisata Jawa Timur
5. Karya Foto dan Video yang dikirimkan merupakan karya asli dan dibuat antara tahun 2016 – tanggal terakhir pengumpulan yang dibuktikan dengan Data EXIF dan belum pernah diikutkan lomba serupa ataupun diunggah dimedia komrsiil manapun.
6. Obyek atau isi dalam karya Foto dan Video sepenuhnya tanggung jawab peserta. Panitia tidak melayani segala bentuk tuntutan dari pihak manapun sehubungan foto dan Video yang dilombakan.
7. Panitia berhak menggunakan Karya Foto dan Video peserta untuk keperluan Publikasi maupun Promosi Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Provinsi Jawa Timur.
8. Panitia berhak mendiskualifikasi peserta yang memasukkan karya yang tidak memenuhi aturan lomba, mengutip karya orang lain, bukn hasil karya sendiri, dianggap mengandung unsur SARA, atau melanggar norma susila.
9. Keputusan dewan juri adalah mutlak dan tidak dapat diganggu gugat.
10. Mengisi Form Registrasi.

1. Periode pengiriman Karya Foto dan Video 1 Januari 2018 – 31 Maret 2018. Setiap file dilengkapi Judul , Keterangan lokasi obyek serta narasi singkat mengenai obyek.
2. Karya Foto dan Video dikirim dalam bentuk softcopy melalui :
a) Pengiriman Video dan Foto melalui email ditujukan ke alamat : ejavatrip@gmail.com dengan subyek: Mtf2018_nama peserta
b) Pengiriman melalui POS ditujukan ke Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Provinsi Jawa Timur , Jl. Wisata Menanggal, Surabaya dalam bentuk Flashdisk atau CD dan melampirkan Foto kopi KTP atau keterangan dari Sekolah Paling lambat tanggal 31 Maret 2017 pukul 23.59 WIB Cap Pos
3. Peserta Wajib mengunggah Video dan Foto di Instagram dan facebook dengan Hashtag #pariwisatajawatimur, #kompetisipariwisata2018, #eastjavatrip_ dan Channel Youtube masing-masing peserta. Wajib follow Ig: @eastjavatrip_ dan like FP: eastjavatrip

• Foto dikirim mulai 1 Januari 2018 – 31 Maret 2018 pukul 23.59 WIB
• Penjurian akan dilakukan 2 April – 6 April 2018
• Penyerahan hadiah dan pameran foto pemenang dan nominasi tanggal 12 April 2018

• Seluruh Video dan foto yang diterima panitia akan diseleksi menjadi nominasi 10 besar.
• Bagi nominator diwajibkan untuk mengirimkan File RAW sebagai syarat penjurian.
• Peserta yang masuk nominasi 10 besar akan dihubungi lewat email/telepon oleh panitia lomba dan diunggah di Instagram @eastjavatrip_ atau Facebook : eastjavatrip
• Karya Video dan Foto yang masuk dalam nominasi 10 besar akan ditampilan dalam Pameran MTF 2018 di Grand City Convex tanggal 12 – 15 April 2018
• Penyerahan hadiah dilakukan pada tanggal 12 April 2018 bersamaan Gala Dinner Majapahit Travel Fair 2018

Juara 1 : Uang Tunai Rp. 15.000.000,- , Trophy dan Sertifikat
Juara 2 : Uang Tunai Rp. 10.000.000,- , Trophy dan Sertifikat
Juara 3 : Uang Tunai Rp. 5.000.000,- , Trophy dan Sertifikat
Juara Harapan: Uang Tunai Rp. 3.000.000,- , Trophy dan Sertifikat
Juara Favorit : Uang Tunai Rp. 3.000.000,- , Trophy dan Sertifikat
*Pajak ditanggung oleh pemenang

Juara 1 : Uang Tunai Rp. 6.000.000,- , Trophy dan Sertifikat
Juara 2 : Uang Tunai Rp. 4.000.000,- , Trophy dan Sertifikat
Juara 3 : Uang Tunai Rp. 2.000.000,- , Trophy dan Sertifikat
Juara Harapan: Uang Tunai Rp. 1.500.000,- , Trophy dan Sertifikat
Juara Favorit : Uang Tunai Rp. 1.500.000,- , Trophy dan Sertifikat
*Pajak ditanggung oleh pemenang

1. Email : ejavatrip@gmail.com
2. Narahubung :
Tita +62 812 3088 6050
Sutji +62 857 0721 8888
Aji +62 857 3010 8849
3. Alamat Pengiriman :
Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Provinsi Jawa Timur
Jalan Wisata Menanggal, Surabaya 60234


More: http://eastjavatrip.com/427-2/

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Welcome to Bromo Cottages!

Providing comfortable accommodation in a spectacular mountainside location overlooking Mount Bromo and Java’s Tengger Massif, the Bromo Cottages are modest but very nicely presented, and boast views that are simply breathtaking.

The hotel is arranged as a cluster of wooden mountain houses, with balconies and big windows to take full advantage of those views. Rooms are lined with polished wood with classic furniture and comfortable textiles. Aesthetically speaking the style is nothing to write home about, but that is hardly the purpose of your stay here – the Bromo-Tengger volcanic range easily surpasses any splendour we could construct.

Facilities are likewise modest, although there is a traditional massage service available to ease any trekked out muscles. The wood-lined restaurant serves a range of Chinese, Indonesian and European favorites. This hotel lies in Tosari, Pasuruan in East Java, The nearest to Mountain Bromo. Bromo Cottages Hotel is located 85 km from Surabaya Airport, 75 km from Malang, 60 km from Tretes and 375 km from Bali.

Please see below, for further information:

Bromo Cottages Hotel
Tosari, Pasuruan 67177, East Java Indonesia
Phone : 0343 – 571222 (hunting) Fax : 0343-571333

Surabaya Office
Phone 031-8978888
Fax. 031-8975788
Email : info@bromocottages.com
Website: http://bromocottages.com/

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